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Today marked the first full day for the Hornets in Beijing and it turned out to be one of the most anticipated and one of the most enjoyable days of the trip thus far.  

The volleyball squad and travel party awoke early and began the day's sightseeing at the Temple of Heaven. Built in the 15th century by the Ming Dynasty, the Temple of Heaven boasts numerous religious structures sitting among a park-like setting of more than 6,000 trees.

The squad then headed to perhaps the most famous and recognizable Beijing landmarks - Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Also constructed in the early 15th century by the third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the square is the largest of its kind in the entire world, at over 300,000 square meters.

The Forbidden City is known for its immense size as well as its rich history, but walking its sacred grounds with Gloria, the team's tour guide for the day, truly opened the team's eyes to its beauty and largess.

Following a lunch of Beijing roasted duck at Quanjude, the team visited the city's last remaining calligraphy district in one of Beijing's most famous Hu Tongs, or narrow street neighborhoods, the Jie Shu Xie Jie Hu Tong. While in Jie Shu Xie, the team made a visit to the Future Post Office, a post office that lets you write letters to anyone you wish that will be mailed years in the future.

The day ended with a return trip to the Silk Market to let the team do what they have enjoyed immensely throughout the trip, bartering for bargains.

Sacramento State has three days remaining on its 11-day tour of China, including two more matches. The first of those matches will take place in the morning against the Beijing Sports University.


Junior Brigitte Murdock

Early this morning we were on our way sightseeing and, as soon as we got off the bus, we were bombarded with people trying to sell us all different kinds of toys. Weidi (of course) bought a rainbow umbrella hat! Our first stop of today was the Temple of Heaven, made out of white stone. It was known for the emperor to go there and pray for good harvests. In the center, there was a place to stand where you make one wish, and only one, or it will not come true. Every one of us stood on top to make a wish.
The second stop was the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. This is where the emperor lived. The detailed painting on each building was incredible and looked like nothing I have ever seen. It was called the Forbidden City because no one was allowed to enter during that time without the emperor's permission. We learned the emperor had many wives but his first wife was not allowed to leave the Forbidden City after she entered. We learned which building was hers and where she had her parties. This experience is something I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life.

We also went to the future post office, where each of us got to write a letter to ourselves or family that will be mailed to us in five years. It was crazy to picture what my life will be like in five years. We all talked to each other afterwards, and some said they see themselves already having two kids and others said they might want to be single! It was a great experience that I won't forget. I can't wait to receive my letter in five years to look back and remember this trip!
At the end of the day, we went shopping at the silk market for the second time! You could say our whole team is professional shoppers now. We can bargain better than anyone. We have learned that all you have to do is walk away and then they chase you down and give it to you for the price you want. No matter what, we always leave with the best price we could bargain.

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