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More information/schedule of the Hornets' trip

Day four of the Sacramento State volleyball trip to China began with a bullet train ride from Shanghai to Nanjing, a 180-mile trip that was covered in just 67 minutes.

Saturday also marked the Hornets' second competition in as many days as the team took on Southeast University in an evening match that was open to the public.

Despite leading Southeast University in both kills and hitting percentage, and outblocking its opponent, Sacramento State dropped a five-set nail biter, 22-25, 25-18, 17-25, 25-20, 15-12.

Shannon Boyle (17) and Mikaela Nocetti (14) accounted for 31 of the Hornets' 61 kills in the match. Boyle also added a team-high tying three aces while posting a .275 hitting percentage. As a team, Sacramento State hit .232 with 10 aces and 17 team blocks. Lana Brown, who hit .333, posted a team-high seven blocks while Sarah Davis added five stuffs.

Boyle and Kennedy Kurtz (3) combined for six of the Hornets' 10 aces.

Sacramento State will play its third match in as many days at midnight PDT against Nanjing University. The Hornets play a total of five matches during their 11-day trip to China, which covers stops in Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing.


Junior Shannon Boyle

Today, we woke up early and checked out of our hotel in Shanghai. We had a quick breakfast, grabbing all our favorites (pastries & coffee) before we left for the train station. I'm especially sad to leave that breakfast, as that has been one of my favorite meals of the day. (Having a Chinese side and American side) Noodles was a favorite for a few of us because Weidi recommended it.

Trying to leave the hotel this morning, almost everyone had to wait about 2-3 elevators (Julia four times) before we could actually fit into the elevators with all of our luggage. We did not pack light. We got to the train station and I was in shock of how huge it was. I've only been on a train one time from Vancouver, Wash., and let me tell you that was probably the size of this train station's wash room. Many of us used the down time in the station to catch up with family from back home.

We were warned before we got to the station that the doors will close on time whether or not we're inside the train. That definitely got our attention because I'm definitely not about to be left in Shanghai alone. The only Chinese words I know are she-she (thank you) and boo (no), and that wouldn't get me too far! Of course, our car was the second to last on the train, so we were speed walking with all our luggage!

Fortunately, we all made it safe and sound with all our luggage! We checked into our nice Chinese hotel which has a great skyline view - most of us are on the 45th floor which pops our ears every time we go up or down the elevator. We went to this Vietnamese lunch which was very good! Favorites of the lunch were the curry, lamb, shish kabobs, and mango. It was a little strange to see shrimp paired with fruit, but the flavors matched nicely. We were also served tea, which many of us enjoyed. Lana, Skyler, Julia and I thought it tasted like Fruit Loops.

Tonight's match in Nanjing was a loss in five sets. It was another good match, but it didn't go our way tonight. It was such a cool experience playing in their arena. Even though the Hornets lost tonight, one fan especially confessed his love to Brigitte right after the match. We're excited for our next opportunity tomorrow to bring our A game!

Even though the date is June 3rd in China, it's still my birthday in the United States. So it's been pretty fun not only experiencing my birthday in China, but also having an extra long birthday. Shoutout to Weidi for the best mousse cake!

Freshman Sarah Davis

We started our last day in Shanghai a little earlier than usual because we had to catch our train to Nanjing. Getting on the train was a little stressful because we had so many people and bags. The train only allows about five minutes to get on board and settled, so we were all rushing. Amazingly, the train ride only took about an hour to get to Nanjing.

After we checked into our hotel and put away our luggage, we walked to a nearby Vietnamese restaurant. The variety of food was incredible. The first course included springs rolls with shrimp, followed by a big bowl of fruit topped with shrimp which we all thought was a little odd, but ended up being very good. The rest of the lunch included traditional Vietnamese meals, and was easily my favorite meal so far on this trip. We went back to the hotel to rest for a little while before heading to the University. Walking around Nanjing can sometimes be difficult because of all of the people on bikes and motorized scooters. People are constantly stopping to take pictures and look at us, which is really funny!

Once we got to the University, I was shocked at how large the campus was compared to our campus. We entered the gym and began our usual warmups. Before our match, we exchanged gifts. They gave us these beautiful stones that had a message from the University. It was a very fun experience playing in such a large gym with a crowd that was very into the match. All of the players from the opposing team were so personable and wanted to know more about us. We finished our day with a late dinner, and headed back to the hotel to get a good night rest for our match tomorrow.

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