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Today was a relatively quiet day for the Sacramento State women's basketball team, especially after the excitement of yesterday's trip to Old San Juan. The team was able to relax this morning, some spending it by the beach or by the pool, but also had a chance to gear up for their second game tonight against Northern Illinois University. 

It was another hot game in a humid gym and unfortuantely the game did not go the Hornets' way (see the full game story with more details from today's game here.) Luckily, the team is already looking forward to tomorrow when they will travel to Humacao, Puerto Rico, a municipality on the east side of the island that was in the direct path of Hurrican Maria. 

Below is a player blog from both freshman Dana DeGraffenreid, looking at tonihgt's game and then looking ahead to tomorrow. We have just three more player blogs as the team begins to wrap up their week-long trip to Puerto Rico!

Day 5 Player Blog – Wednesday, Dec. 20

Today is Wednesday and day five of our trip since being here in Puerto Rico. It was a pretty quiet morning since we had a busy day yesterday going to Old San Juan and a game tonight at 4:30 against Northern Illinois University.

We did the same thing where we all meet for the bus at three and ride out to the arena, about 20 minute away. Something noe ones talked about yet is the horses that we always see next to the freeway just hanging out, eating. None of us can tell why they are there, but it's something funny we all see each time we go the gym.

In today's game we got off to a shaky start in the beginning, falling behind quickly. As the game went on though, we started to play better the second half. At that point though, it was too little too late, and we fell short even after making a pretty good comeback. We were all upset because we lost and I think it was worse because we lost the first game, too, but that just means we have to work that much harder to get wins. It can be tough, but we have to move on and start to focus on the next game to and take and learn from the mistakes in this game. We always have to learn something and make each game a lesson.

Overall, this trip has been a really great learning experience. We've had the chance to see how differently other people live and how different things are here, not just because of the hurricane but because of the different lifestyles. But it's crazy seeing all the little things that are still not right because of the hurricane, like street lights and people not having electricity yet. One of the biggest things we've all realized is just how we should appreciate the things we do have. We should be very grateful every day.

Tomorrow is a big day for us because we are going to be doing community service as a team. We're going to go to a city on the east side of the island where the hurricane hit and work with other students to try and help the community. I expect it will be a long day but knowing that we're trying to do our best to help others means it will be a really great experience. I know the whole team is excited about tomorrow and can't wait to help those in need.

- Dana DeGraffenreid