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Day three of the women's basketball team's trip to Puerto Rico was dominated by the team's first game of the tournament. Although the game didn't go the way the team would have liked, it didn't detract from another great day in Puerto Rico as the team continues to see more of the island and think about the next few days they have here. 

For more details on today's game, be sure to check out the post game story here

Below is a player blog from both Hannah Friend and Quayonna Harris, talking about today's game, playing in Puerto Rico, and more. Expect to see more posts as each member of the team will have a chance to share their reactions, thoughts, and observations while here in Puerto Rico. 

Day 3 Player Blogs – Dec. 18

We had four first game of the tournament today, going up against the university of Miami Hurricanes. The game was at 4:30 here in Puerto Rico and 12:30 back at home in Sacramento. We got off to a strong start against Miami and all felt pretty optimistic after the first quarter. 

Unfortunately, the rest of the game did not go our way and we weren't able to come away with a win. That just means we need to work harder for the next one. The Hornets have to get prepared to play again in our next game Wednesday against NIU. We're all looking forward to come out with a win in this tournament before we have to come home.

After the game, we were all a little down, but we walked as a team to a small but fun restaurant called Mi Casita near our hotel. We enjoyed mozzarella sticks and turnovers (similar to corn bread but with fried meat inside) and it was all very good. We all enjoyed a big meal of either grilled chicken or fettuccine alfredo with rice and beans or with fries (papa fritas en espanol!). Now it's time to get a good night's rest and get after it at practice tomorrow.

Overall on this trip, Puerto Rico has been a really great experience with the culture and surroundings. It truly makes you appreciate all the little things that we overlook like electricity, heat, trash disposal, and more. The food here isn't really my favorite, but the culture and food is all still very interesting to try and experience.

I've been picking up a little Spanish (Donde esta la playa, por favor?) and I have extreme hope of becoming fluent by the end of this trip! (Probably not going to happen.) I'm looking forward to Thursday after the tournament when we'll have a chance to work with and give back to some affected areas on the island.

- Hannah Friend


Today was our third day in Puerto Rico and it was also my favorite breakfast day at the hotel. They had cinnamon pancakes! Such a great start to the day.

It was also an exciting day because we had our first game against Miami this afternoon. There were a couple things that were interesting and different from our normal experience about playing basketball here.

The first thing was that before the game the played the Puerto Rican national anthem as well as the Star Spangled Banner. I had never heard it before and because we didn't know they were going to do it, a lot of us and the fans started to go back to the bench and our seats before we realized there was another anthem.

The other thing that was different was the humidity. It was really humid in the gym and we were definitely not used to that. Once we got going a little bit, we started not to notice it, but as soon as I'd stop moving I could tell and it felt heavy and difficult until I started going full speed again.

Like Hannah said, the game didn't go our way, but luckily we were all able to kind of let it go at dinner together. We had these really good things called turnovers which were different than anything I'd eaten before. The closest thing I could relate them to is definitely cornbread.

During dinner, there was a random blackout for a few second. That's been happening throughout Puerto Rico randomly since the hurricane came through as they keep working to get power up and running across the island. Thinking about that makes me more excited and look forward to going to the east coast of the island where the hurricane made landfall and hit really hard. I know that even though the whole team is focused on basketball, we're all thinking about that part of the trip and can't wait for Thursday.

- Quayonna "Q" Harris


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