SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Sacramento State played three matches on Saturday at the WCC/Big West Beach Volleyball Challenge, falling to Portland (3-2), Pacific (5-0) and San Francisco (4-1) at Santa Cruz's beach courts.

The Hornets dropped to 0-7 on the young season while Portland is now 1-0, Pacific moved to 5-4 and San Francisco is 2-5.

The doubles combination of Cianna Andrews and Brigitte Murdock was a bright spot for Sacramento State, as the pair went 2-1 from the No. 5 spot in the lineup. Each of the two wins came in straight sets, including a 21-15, 21-16 victory over a doubles team from Portland, and a 21-19, 21-19 win over San Francisco.

Lana Brown and Skyler Takeda picked up a win at No. 3 over Portland's Sarah Savoca/Lauren Naatz (19-21, 21-14, 15-11).

Complete results of all three matches can be found below.

Sacramento State, which has yet to play a home match this season, returns to action on Friday at Cal at noon.

Portland 3, Sacramento State 2
1. Tani Stephens/Cali Thompson (POR) def. Sarah Davis/Mikaela Nocetti (SAC) 21-16, 18-21, 15-13
2. Katie Barker/Morgan Robinson (POR) def. Kennedy Kurtz/Brie Gathright (SAC) 21-7, 21-13
3. Lana Brown/Skyler Takeda (SAC) def. Sarah Savoca/Lauren Naatz (POR) 19-21, 21-14, 15-11
4. Carey Williams/Kassidy Naone (POR) def. Sarah Falk/Hannah Meadows (SAC) 18-21, 21-15, 15-11
5. Cianna Andrews/Brigitte Murdock (SAC) def. Kellie Hughes/McKenzie Schwan (POR) 21-15, 21-16

Pacific 5, Sacramento State 0
1. Andie Shelton/Maycie LaBass (PAC) def. Mikaela Nocetti/Sarah Davis (SAC) 21-14, 22-20
2. Taylor Poncetta/Roni Long (PAC) def. Brie Gathright/Kennedy Kurtz (SAC) 21-16, 21-17
3. Katrin Gotterba/Alex Holt (PAC) def. Lana Brown/Skyler Takeda (SAC) 21-9, 19-21, 15-11
4. Ashlyn Fleming/Hanne De Schrijver (PAC) def. Sarah Falk/Hannah Meadows (SAC) 21-13, 21-13
5. Skylar Wine/Kaitlyn Lines (PAC) def. Brigitte Murdock/Cianna Andrews (SAC) 21-16, 21-16

San Francisco 4, Sacramento State 1
1. Anna Dalla Vecchia/Julia Topor (USF) def. Sarah Davis/Mikaela Nocetti (SAC) 21-18, 21-16
2. Carly Lowry/Haley Howell (USF) def. Kennedy Kurtz/Lana Brown (SAC) 21-17, 31-29
3. Nora Buvarp Lavik/Camille Araujo (USF) def. Skyler Takeda/Brie Gathright (SAC) 21-12, 21-19
4. Sabrina Blackwell/Erica Ronda (USF) def. Sarah Falk/Hannah Meadows (SAC) 21-19, 21-12
5. Brigitte Murdock/Cianna Andrews (SAC) def. Shannon Levinson/Trish Koutsoukos (USF) 21-19, 21-19