Celebrate 25 Years of Division I Athletics 

During the 2016-17 seasons, Sacramento State will be celebrating 25 Years of Division I Athletics competition. All Hornet Athletics programs will celebrate their own 25th anniversary during a designated home game/meet, during which we will bring back all of our former student-athletes and alumni. Hornet Sports will be putting a spotlight on our past student-athletes greatest achievements. Be sure to stay connected with the Hornet Club and hornetsports.com to know when your favorite program will be under the spotlight and celebrating their 25th anniversary.


We are not only looking to raise financial support for our student-athletes, but to bring our Sac State Alumni, former student-athletes, and Sacramento community members back to Sac State. Whether your contribution is through a donation to the Hornet Club, attending athletic sporting events or volunteering your time, no contribution is too small.

Call to Action

Your additional assistance through the 25 years of Division I Athletics Campaign will go directly to funding student-athletes' tuition, upgrading our athletic facilities, enhancing Hornet Athletics branding, and funding additional student-athlete programming and can start at just an additional $25. We hope to have over 525 Hornets participate, having all of our 21 programs represented by one supporter for each of the 25 years. Whether you give to the Hornet Club Annual Fund, team support, or Block S we hope that you will help celebrate our past, support the current, and establish a legacy for our future student-athletes by giving additional funds in celebration of Hornet Athletics success and competition at the Division I level.