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• The Sacramento State Police Department, in cooperation with Intercollegiate Athletics, determines the tailgate area (Parking lots 7 and 8, see map).  Alcohol is not permitted outside this area.  Consumption of alcohol in non-designated areas of campus is prohibited.
Except for inside the Hospitality Tent, located inside Hornet Stadium, alcohol consumption is permitted only during the 3-hour tailgate time.

• Parking lots will be open for tailgating three hours before kickoff and must be concluded at kickoff time. 

• Parking spaces are limited to one space per car.

• Tailgating activities must not interfere with or obstruct adjacent parking spaces or travel lanes.

• Banners or signage recognizing businesses or products may not be displayed without express consent of the Intercollegiate Athletics Department.

• The University will place trash receptacles conveniently throughout the tailgate area for trash disposal.  Please dispose of charcoals in designated coal barrels only.

• Kegs and bags of alcoholic beverages are expressly prohibited.

• Non-portable furniture (i.e. couches) is prohibited in the tailgate area.

• All tailgating must conclude 15 minutes prior to kickoff (2:45 for Causeway Classic).

• California laws pertaining to the possession, consumption and distribution of alcohol and controlled substances will be enforced.

• Large grills pulled by vehicles (on their own wheels) are not permitted in the tailgate area without express consent of the Intercollegiate Athletics Department.

• Buses are not permitted in the tailgate area.

• Musical bands and/or other amplified performances will be allowed only if approved in advance by the Intercollegiate Athletics Department.

• Portable generators are not allowed in the parking area unless first approved by the Intercollegiate Athletics Department.

• Alcohol is not allowed in the stands.

Fans are invited to come support the Sacramento State football team’s Hornet Walk 2 hours and 15 minutes before kickoff each home game(3:45 for 6 p.m./10:45 for 1 p.m./12:15 for 3:30 p.m.).  The Hornet Walk takes place down the center lane of Parking Lot 8 (please see map).

Parents of Hornet football players are encouraged to set up along the Hornet Walk route on the center lane of Parking Lot 8 (please see map).


Everyone is subject to laws governing minors in possession, open intoxicants, consumption on a public highway, open intoxicants in a motor vehicle and various other laws. Failure to comply with tailgaiting policies will result in citation, arrest, or withdrawl of consent to remain on campus.

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