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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Throughout training camp, several Sacramento State players will be featured for quick question and answer sessions. The first player is senior defensive end Ben Sorensen.

You guys are back in full pads now, what's it like to get back to hitting somebody?
It's awesome. I haven't been able to hit anybody since Davis because we didn't have a lot of contact in spring ball. It feels good to get back to it, get the pads back on and do what I love the most."

Last year you played most of the season with a cast on your thumb. How did that affect you?
It hurt me when it came to grabbing guys and trying to make tackles. I kind of liked it also because I was able to use it as a boxing glove. I was able to force three fumbles with the club on.

You were named preseason all-Big Sky. What does that mean to you?
It's good to be recognized for the work that I've put in but it doesn't mean a lot to me. I'm focused right now and turning around the culture of the team and trying to win games.

Last year you the defense had trouble with big plays. How do you guys fix that problem?
We're focusing on stopping the run and eliminating the explosive run play. The big focus is on guys doing there job on a specific play and having the defense work together to get the job done.

Get to Know Ben Sorensen

Hometown: Clovis, Calif.
High School: Buchanan HS
Major: Kinesiology
Favorite Professional Teams: Houston Texans. They are going to win the Super Bowl this year.
If You Could Play Another Sport at Sacramento State What Would It Be: Baseball
Favorite NFL Players: Brian Cushing
Favorite Food: Mom's tacos