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VANCOUVER, British Columbia Sacramento State took the field in Vancouver for the final time on Sunday afternoon, taking on Keio University of Japan in the championship game of the 2019 Collegiate Baseball Classic. Although the Hornets were unable to come away with the win, the game capped a once-in-a-lifetime tournament experience for the players in Vancouver.

The week-long trip to Vancouver was the first international tournament in Hornets program history. Sacramento State ended the week leading the tournament in batting average, slugging percentage, doubles, and others, but that wasn't enough to help them overcome a rough second inning Sunday. Keio University took advantage of a couple Hornets miscues in the field to score an unearned run in the second inning. It proved to be the only run in the 1-0 Keio win. 

Despite the ending, it was a week the team will likely never forget. Sophomore first baseman and catcher Martin Vincelli-Simard, who is one of nine Canadian natives on the team, is responsible for today's player blog, the last in this week long series. 

August 18

Today was full of emotion and it was pretty clear early on because today was the championship game against Keio University and also our inal day in Vancouver.

The team woke up around eight am to go to breakfast at the cafeteria. After breakfast, we had three hours before we needed to be at the field. Some guys headed back to their rooms to get some extra sleep and make sure they were rested for the game, some decided to go to Tim Hortons to grab a final Canadian coffee, and still others decided to get a head start on packing.

We finally checked out of the UBC dorms around 11:30 am because the coaches planned on making the bus ride straight to Seattle after the game. But first lets back up a little bit. Our 9-5 win yesterday against UBC brought us to this moment which we've been waiting for since we arrived in Vancouver. Throughout the week, we did activities to socialize with the other teams and don't get me wrong, those were really great and we will definitely remember that part of this trip, but now, this morning it was time to compete. 

At 3:00 pm, it was game time!

The previous game we played against Keio on Tuesday finished with a 0-0 tie. Personally, I don't like ties because they don't determine a winner and the competitive side of me doesn't agree with that. That meant that this game was a second opportunity to beat them since we couldn't do it the first time. However, we didn't manage to win it. They scored in the second inning and held on to that one-run lead until the end of the game to win it 1-0. They had really good pitching and their only run was all they needed to defeat us.

As the game ended, I could see the disappointment on the faces of my teammates as we realized we had come this far, but fell short of winning the tournament. The hardest part of the day was when we received the silver medals and we had to wait for every Keio players to receive the gold medals.

On a different note, while the loss was tough, overall, the whole team really enjoyed their time in Canada. We were all so grateful to have the chance to compete against teams from all over the world. We made friends we never would have and learned a lot about the Japanese culture and I can say for a fact that they are hard-working, very respectful and always positive.

And as one of the Canadians on this Hornets team, I am personally grateful to have shared a small part of my home country with my teammates.

- Martin Vincelli-Simard


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