Strength & Conditioning

Staff Manual

Team Head Coaches and Team Strength and Conditioning Programs

All head coaches must meet with their assigned Strength and Conditioning Coach to discuss and evaluate the strength and conditioning program he or she will implement for the student-athletes both in and out of season. However, should a coach choose to use his or her own program, they are then responsible for training his/her own team with their own staff present in the weight room during their entire training session(s) on the agreed days and times slotted by the Director of Strength & Conditioning.

Use of the Broad Weight Room is restricted to the following teams and individuals:

• Current Sacramento State student-athletes if supervised by a strength & conditioning coach

• Current coaches of an intercollegiate athletic team at Sacramento State.

• Current Sacramento State athletic department employees.

• Strength & Conditioning coaching staff and athletic training staff members.

Use of the Broad Weight Room is guided by the following policies:


• Hours of operation are determined by the Director of Strength & Conditioning and the needs of the respective sports. No team training sessions will exceed 1 hour in the weight room.

• DRESS. Must wear Sacramento State team issued clothing in school colors (green, gold, white, gray, black only). No other colors are allowed. Acceptable clothing includes team issued t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, sweatshirts or golf shirts, closed toe athletic shoes, shorts or sweatpants. Non-issued Sac State team issued clothing is allowed as long as no other teams or events are represented, are in school colors, and do not break any other rules. This includes headgear. This will be the strength staff's judgment.

• WORK HARD AND GIVE 100 PERCENT EFFORT. No sitting unless needed for that particular exercise.

Safety & Health

Always practice safety and perform exercises correctly. The Strength & Conditioning Staff will address any questions regarding proper exercise execution. No exercises and/or activities that the Strength & Conditioning Staff feels is unsafe or careless are to be performed during strength & conditioning workouts.

• No horseplay, profanity, racist or sexist comments or music.

• Spotting is required on all free weight exercises.

• Do not drop equipment.

• Replace, spray and clean all equipment immediately after use.

• Report injuries immediately to the strength staff.

• No electronics (cell phones, I-pods, computers, etc.).

• Only water is allowed during workouts. Food or other drinks are not allowed.

• Only strength staff is allowed in the storage closet and can take strength equipment out of the weight room.

Failure to follow any of these rules may result in dismissal from workout.